Terror 2

Terror 2

© 2016 www.ClayBasham.com
© 2016 www.ClayBasham.com

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post for a message to our bully.


  1. This post is motivated by the perceived threats and bullying that I have received from the woman that calls herself Michael “Clay” Basham’s wife.
  2. The clips of texts I have included below are actual texts that I received from the alleged wife of Michael “Clay” Basham.
  3. Michael “Clay” Basham’s alleged wife has repeatedly contacted me either trying to get me to close this site down, to help piece together his behaviors, and to request that I write a post for her own agenda.
  4. Michael “Clay” Basham’s alleged new wife made initial contact with me, and has made initial contact several times since. By this, I am saying that after she had gained whatever she wanted from me, she would cut off contact, until the next time she wanted more from me.
  5. Site commenter, “Concerned Outsider,” wasn’t as “outside” as we were led to believe. The comment came from the same IP address as first contact received from the alleged new wife of Michael “Clay” Basham.

Letter to the New Wife, including my opinions, observations, fears and perceived threats:

To the woman who claims to be Mrs. Basham,

I have been so kind in not directly including you in any of my posts, despite the many conversations and texts exchanges that we have shared.  I have maintained that this blog/website is about MY story, as well as serving as a cautionary tale to women out there about Michael “Clay” Basham, the man you call your husband.  Per my experience, Michael “Clay” Basham is a predatory conman and a narcissistic sociopath.  I have gaciously received plenty of feedback that has supported my observations, from those who have known him much longer than 6 months.

You say that “your experience isn’t my experience,” And I didn’t argue that, even though I am sure that you are in the beginning phase of a narcissistic relationship with a man that is being exposed on the internet.  I didn’t say this, because I didn’t want to force my opinions on you, but I whole heartedly believe that there is a DIRECT connection with the debut of this website and your hurried marriage.  Well, someone had to say that out loud.  You appear to have been available and the parasite needed a host.

You have had your doubts about Clay.  At one point, you contacted me asking me to write a segment announcing that you two were married.  You feared he hadn’t told anyone, and threatened, “I swear if it’s some sort of secret i will fuck his world up.”  Yet, you found out it WAS a secret, and stood by him nevertheless, but that’s your business.  Did you know that not capitalizing the letter “I”, when referring to yourself, is the sign of a lack of self worth?

You took the fact that I accidentally sent you a screenshot of yours and my conversation as proof that I lack honesty.  When, in fact, I was watching TV and my girl friend wanted an update on the impending post that you requested I write.  She has not only been by my side since the beginning of this rollercoaster with Clay, but also reviews and edits my posts before they go live.  I apologized to you, because of the way it made you feel.  However, understand, I am not sorry that I share everything with her in regards to this situation.  I am equally not sorry that I have a supportive friend.  I assumed that everything I was saying to you, was going somewhere else as well.  I would have been stupid not to.

Wait! You DO have a supportive friend, don’t you?  “Concerned Outsider?”  I approved the comments and let “them” speak to your advocacy, even though this so called “Outsider,” wrote from your same IP Address.  They’re not much of an outsider if they’re sitting right next to you, now are they?  Or, was it actually you?  The nature of “their” comment was to:

  1. Tell the world that you and Michael “Clay” Basham are married.  Since you hadn’t provided proof to me that you were married before losing your mind, you wouldn’t be receiving my tailor made, just for you, post.  I still have it! As you can see from this website, I keep everything.
  2. While telling me off, I called you out for threatening me, so “Concerned Outsider Outsider” conveniently added that “they” were concerned for YOUR safety.  Rookie redirect, but I allowed it.

Well, you ended up getting the information you were looking for, chose to ignore it, and somehow maintained me as your target.  But, hiding your marriage isn’t the only thing that you’ve let Clay slide on, is it?  We have had long conversations that were filled with much more than this website has displayed.  Including, but not limited to, EXACTLY WHY I WOULD NEVER LET THAT MAN AROUND MY DAUGHTER AGAIN.  You have chosen to ignore these truths, and NOT learn from my mistakes, all in effort to maintain your ignorant fantasy.  No matter the cost.  Yet, another thing I didn’t publicly call you out on.  You’re welcome.

Like I have said, I have left you out of this, with the exception of Clay’s character as a married man.  ALL of the above, I have let slide, because I was you once.  I believed every line of bullshit from that silver tongued serpent.  He almost always had the perfect response.  Finally, something you and I agreed on.  And when he doesn’t have a rehearsed response, he has that patented dumb ass look on his face that appears that he is just as blinded as you are.  From the position of hindsight, I have marveled at how fast I let Clay into my life, bought into all of his lies, lent him so much money, and for the love of all that is holy, why I let him around my daughter so soon.  I too had warning signs that I chose to ignore (but, to my defense, there wasn’t exactly a website telling me his darkest depths).  I too wanted the fantasy to be real.

After I posted about my experience with Clay trying to get me to suck off other men in front of him, you texted me.  You let me know that I had “gone too far with regard to your husband. Know that.”  You accused me of making up that awful experience that I endured, as well as fabricating the Tinder post.  First of all, screw you for trying to make me take down an embarrassing story, that took a lot of courage to publish.  Secondly, he’s a deviant, which is probably why he made that “stealthy” Tinder account in the first place.  From yours and my conversations, I’m left to assume that you’re not railing him in the ass, so he’s likely looking for someone that will.  He liked that A LOT.  So, despite your serving of infidelity on a silver platter, you tightened your blinders and forged ahead.  So, I added a followup.  Again, you’re welcome.  You said, “You and I BOTH know that is not Clay.”  So, the next post, I included the actual texts of him begging to be treated like a bitch, get railed in the butt and pissed on.  Now, do you and I BOTH know that IS Clay?

I didn’t reply to your last string of accusatory texts and intentionally vague threats, because you are not yet in a place accept my story as truth.  Not to mention, you’re clearly not someone to be reasoned with.  That’s okay, you don’t have to believe me.  In fact, I suggested that if you wanted to live in a world without this informative website, you shouldn’t read it.  Yet, despite my leaving you out of this, for the most part, you insist on forcing your fantasy world onto ME.  You ask me to abandon what I know to be true, so you can pretend that “this is not your Clay?”  And to leave his future victims vulnerable?

This website has sadly turned you into an advocate for someone that preys upon women.  You advocate for a PUSSY that hasn’t ONCE asked me to take this site down.  You say you are constantly humiliated amongst your family and peers, but he won’t so much as lift a finger for you.  Does that not tell you ANYTHING?  He has only sent me one single text since this website has erected (pun intended).  On June 15, 2016, I received, “Would like to talk to you” (no punctuation).  Since I have heard a dictionary of excuses and bullshit from this man, I replied with, “I would be happy to.  After you have paid me in full.”  No reply, and nothing since.  That’s how much he cares about how you feel, and how people perceive you.  How many times did you have to ask him to contact me before he even did that?

You came to me, remember?  You should know, I haven’t initiated contact with ANYONE of Clay’s past/present, including yourself. Including YOUR friends!  YOU, and everyone else, has reached out to me first.  This is my story, not your story, yet you constantly make it about you.  To be honest, your ignorance exhausts me.  Remember one of the last times you contacted me in effort to get me to make that special post for you stating that you’re married?  It wasn’t until you expressed that you were actually taking steps to weed him out of your life, did I agree to talk to you again.  I’ve told you everything until I’m blue in the face, answering question after question.  But, you don’t want to hear the truth.  You just want me to admit that I’m lying, so you can live the lie.  I’m sorry, I cannot do that.

So, why am I calling you out now?  Since I haven’t bent to your will, you have resulted to intimidating me.  I have included supportive evidence to this claim in the separate texts displayed.  Those, in conjunction with our conversations, have led me to believe that you intend to send someone after me.  I have endured weeks of anxiety, and fear under YOUR hand.  At this point, what’s the logic of me holding onto your secrets?  So that I can help hide the evidence of your retaliation against me?  I don’t think so, honey.  Again, for a man that won’t even lift a finger for you.  Pathetic.  Do you know what it’s like not knowing if you’re going to be attacked, and if your kids will be around when it happens?  If you do, I have even less respect for you, if that were even possible.  They must be so proud to have you help out over at the woman’s shelter.

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©️2016 www.ClayBasham.com
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You’ve made damn sure that I’m aware of your familial gang affiliations when you were threatening what you would do to Clay, if you were to find out he was lying (about telling people if you guys were married or not).   Such a tear jerking (not) story that you told me about never wanting to send them after anyone again, because of the horrible atrocities that happened the “last time.”  Your story bled with how the situation made YOU feel.  You felt sooooooo bad.  What about the guy you fingered?  That’s right, it’s all about you.  It was just a matter of time that your aggressions would turn to me.

Despite your repeated declarations of your affiliations, and those that are available at your disposal, you made a point to warn me, “You obviously mistake who I am.”  Then, told me I “have gone too far. Know that.”   Before you send a bunch of men to attack a woman, I have a question.  Does your family know everything that I told you?  I doubt they would be cruising over here if you had.  My friends insist that you are full of shit, saying that no one with real affiliations would tell EVERYONE.  Then they laugh and add a jab, “Haven’t you ever watched the Sopranos?”  Regardless, I fear for the welfare of my daughter and I, because of you.  Irony, you tell everyone that I’m a horrible person and a liar.  I just hope they ask questions first.  I have an earful.  And not for nothin’, ever think if you’ve mistaken who I am?

I am resolved in that you are horrific human being.  And you call yourself an advocate for women?  You’ve even shared with me that you have been in a fearful relationship, yet you grab the reigns as the aggressor against a woman who has the courage to stand up for herself?  Apparently, I haven’t gone through enough abuse with Clay, now I get you.  “Real cute.”   You just want to ignore what you must know in your heart to be true.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t have kept me on the phone for so long, right?  You’re disgusting.  I have invested hours of my time to help you “piece things together.”  You have drilled me for information, and I rarely asked any questions to feed my curiosity.  I made that time about you.  Yet, you want to send people after me?  You’re a coward, just like your punk ass husband.

I bet he told you, you’re awesome sauce… how great you are… perfect… my dream girl… the best ever… yet has he shown it when it really matters?  Like, telling the world he’s in love with you?  Perhaps, make an effort to prove to me that he’s not who I’ve learned him to be, so that I would remove this website and save your reputation?  I’m talking real stuff that someone that loves another would do.  Someone with human emotions and empathy, not a narcissistic sociopath covering his tracks and constructing a fantasy with Chinese walls.  Did he ever once discourage you from threatening me?  I’m talking a whole hearted hold back, not a feigned attempt, a real one.  Has he shown concern for the legal implications that threatening someone would set you up for?  Possible jail time…again?  Did he strive to protect your family, or conspire to use them to cover his lies and erase his debts?

I hope that his next victim doesn’t treat you as you have treated me, if you have the courage to tell your story.  And there will be another. You’ve seen his ad.  You’re hiding behind others, as he hides like a bitch behind you.  All so you don’t have to face the facts.  You married a man, that you didn’t know, within a couple of months of meeting him, despite having children.  You let that monster into your home, and instead of focusing on saving your family, you fixate on me.

“ML&R, Much Love and Respect?”   You’re a joke.  First of all, thanks for the translation, because I don’t speak whatever that was.  You sign off with that, after implied threats?  I’m fighting my battle legally.  I will gladly testify that every word I have typed on this sight is true to the best of my knowledge.  I also have a lot of evidence to back it up. Don’t mistake my comedic timing for bullshit.  No one wants to read depressing stories all the time, and if you can’t laugh at yourself…laugh at Clay!  He knows that I’m telling the truth, that’s why he hasn’t done a thing to refute.  All he’s done, is convince YOU, that I’m lying.  You’ve been happy to fight that punk ass’ battles for him, based on lies to save his own ass…figuratively (obviously).  With the power of words, and a lawsuit to follow, I am practicing my freedom of speech, and the freedom of the press, which is only upheld if what I say is true. I back everything I write.

I wouldn’t expose myself legally for petty bullshit.  This website doesn’t exactly paint me as some kind of rockstar.  I have GOT to look like an idiot believing all of Clay’s bullshit, and staying with him after the countess times he disrespected me, and treated me like crap.  Not to mention, that no man in his right mind, would date a woman that has a website dedicated to exposing her ex.  And if I found one that did, I’m not interested in another masochist.  Unlike Clay, this website is something that I would disclose up front.  In addition, every post brings me back to a dark and sad place.  This isn’t exactly glory, so to waste all this energy because he hurt my feelings, would be asinine, legally exposing, and just a plain waste of time.  But, what keeps me going, is reflecting on that moment I searched the internet for any excuse not to let Michael “Clay” Basham into my home, or around my daughter.  I didn’t find anything, but at least, other women will. I’m sorry that it was too late for you.

Let me impart some facts, not threats.  If something happens to me or mine, you and Clay are the first suspects.  It doesn’t matter if you are sipping cocktails in the Bahamas, it WILL come back to you and Clay.  Several people have your incriminating texts and know the stories you’ve told me about unleashing your family on others.  Furthermore, If you fall for his lies, and publish ONE thing about me that isn’t true, I WILL sue you, and/or whoever publishes it, for libel. “KNOW THAT.”

So we’re perfectly clear, I have no intention on closing down this blog. As I have expressed to you, under no uncertain terms, I will not take this site down unless Clay can prove to me that I’m not doing a service to humanity.  It’s not you, it’s me.  Literally.  It’s my story and a warning to the wise.  Plus, if something were to mysteriously happen to me, this blog will live on, along with strategically scheduled posts, of a stomach turning nature, yet totally true.

I’m sorry that it had to come to this, but you have made me feel threatened.  I would NEVER have shared our conversations, if you hadn’t.  But, I have a family to protect, and I will continue to do so, within the confines of the law.  Even if you only turn out to be a yapping chihuahua.  As this website proves, I will continue to post, despite the anxiety and fear of threats that you inflict, until I feel there is nothing else to share.  So, with the equal malign that you imparted upon me:

Much Love and Respect


PS This is the last time that I do not include your full name along with your myriad of last names.  If you continue to try and silence me from sharing my TRUE story and helping others, you will be exposed for the bully you are.

PPS Congratulations on finally moving up to an iPhone.  Just press down on any of the words you don’t know, and select “Define” for clarification.

Shame on you…

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  1. Ally

    She threatened you? Thru text? What a dumb broad. I’m with your friends, she doesn’t know anyone. And if she does, they’re gonna be hella mad that she was dumb enough to text their business.


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