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  1. I have changed my locks twice since I met Michael “Clay” Basham. Once before he sucked me back in with his lies, and one final time.
  2. I had my very first night terror after debuting this sight.

Opinions, Observations and Anecdotes:

I was terrified to start this site.  There were too many “what if’s” to count.  The two worst that I could think of were that he couldn’t get a job and support his children and that he would come after me and my daughter.  Never in my life, amidst horrifying past relationships, have I ever had a night terror…until I launched this site.

I’ve taken a lot of abuse, neglect and bullying.  I’ve dealt with sociopaths, narcissists, assholes, mooches, leaches, cheaters, and the like as well.  Michael “Clay” Basham has the highest level of lies, deceit, apathy, selfishness, thievery, manipulation and sexual incompetence that I have experienced in all of my years.  I don’t know what to expect, but I know that I need to do what’s right.  Which, is to warn others before more are pillaged emotionally, and financially, by this man.

Doing what’s right is horrifying.  Speaking up and telling the world I am vulnerable is one of the scariest things I have ever done. Especially, when I don’t know who I’m dealing with. I fell in love with a serial liar/manipulator who painted a picture of himself that I bought hook line and sinker.  All of a sudden, I realized I didn’t know the man who had a key to my home

When the paint started to chip away, he’d distract me or make me feel like there was something wrong with me, but most of the time he’d disappear for a week or so.  I presume until he thought the dust had settled.  The first time he disappeared, I changed the locks, and again after the final straw.  I don’t know why he acted so shocked, apparently people are often adding/changing locks because of him.  Keys and being allowed in someone’s home, is a privilege.

Clay Basham is the exact opposite of the person that he portrays himself to be.  His real face, is that of a monster.  A monster that would sooner take from someone else than to earn it himself.  His masks apparently change to suit his victims as well.  Mush like a chameleon.  Sociopaths are known for that.  Sociopaths are also known to break when the façade they have worked so hard to build, is threatened.  That’s where the fear sets in.

The fear of Clay Basham not being able to support his children was a fear that we don’t share, apparently.  According to the mother/sole provider of theit children, He NEVER pays child support.  So, this website won’t be effecting those non-existing payments.  He apparently changes jobs so frequently, that it makes support impossible to attain.  But, the assumption that he pays child support helps when he claims he cannot contribute.

I can vouch for his instability. He was working as a part-time bug sprayer when I met him (9/11/2015), he moved in, temporarily, 3 weeks later.  Once moved in,  he allegedly quit his job and didn’t get another part-time job until around Thanksgiving. Even that was gone just after New Years. So, I can see that.  He had 3 jobs in the 6 months that I was with him. Pathetic, and unstable. But, how unstable?

I have no idea what lies beneath the mask.  All I know is that I allowed a monster into my home, around my child, and in my bed. Although this website equally makes me a target and gives me the security that he would be the first suspect if anything were to happen to me or my child. Who knows what will happen, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s a loose cannon.  So, I take precautions and I suggest that you do too.


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