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Roll Play

Sex with Clay, Part 3: Roll Play Fact: Michael “Clay” Basham and I actively participated in one-on-one “roll play” at home. Michael “Clay” Basham tried to get me to pick up on strange men so that he could watch me blow them in front of him. Michael “Clay” Basham expected me to pay for these trips […]

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Sex with Clay, Part 2: Erectile Dysfuntion Facts: Throughout my relationship with Michael “Clay” Basham, he experienced issues with getting and maintaining an erection. When I tried to talk to him about it, he’d admonish me saying “You’re giving me a complex” or “you’re making it worse”. Rarely could Michael “Clay” Basham “finish” in one night […]

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Quarterback Sex

Sex with Clay, Part 1: Quarterback Sex Facts: Sex with Michael “Clay” Basham was unsatisfactory to me. Michael “Clay” Basham, would bark at me like a drill sergeant while having sex. Opinions and reflections: After having sex with Michael “Clay” Basham, much to my surprise, I was left horribly unsatisfied. It was what I call […]

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