Pro Ball 2

Pro Ball 2



  1. Michael “Clay” Basham, told me that he played professional basketball in Europe.
  2. There is NO evidence, in any of the European basketball leagues, of a Michael “Clay” Basham every playing in Europe.

Opinions, and observations:

So much time has passed since my initial posts.  I went from posting into the abyss, to having several loyal followers and great new friends.  For such an awful person, Michael “Clay” Basham leaves an awesome support group in his wake.  I never expected to become the voice for those who were reluctant to fight back.  I figured, he’d tell everyone I was crazy, and keep his status quo.  I hoped to save a few women here and there, while utilizing my writing skills to work through the pain, abuse and financial hardship I endured.

Not too long ago, my integrity was challenged.  Despite me proving my innocence, along with the guilt of this website’s namesake, it lead to his alleged new wife making me fear for my life.  In turn, the safety of my daughter as well.  I have since delivered mounds of evidence to a judge, and was granted an Injunction Against Harassment, which is the equivalent to a restraining order for someone you’re not related to.  Although this is not a failsafe, at least if something happens to my daughter and/or I, the authorities will have a starting point.

Frankly, showing screenshots of my text correspondence, was never my intention.  Although this website paints a grim picture of the monster without his mask, I planned to just tell my story, and create an awareness against the maleficent actions of Michael “Clay” Basham.  But, the new alleged wife challenged me to step it up a notch.  So I did.

Thus, I’ve been reflecting on previous posts.  Posts that may have fallen by the wayside of believability due to my intention to remain humorous and light, while maintaining the truth.  Let’s be honest, you’ve laughed.  But, I can see how one might assume that I don’t know the law, haven’t sought legal advice, and am bitterly out of control.  Unfortunately for Clay and the little missus, I do know the law, I have sought legal advice, and while I may be bitter, I’m very much in control.  With exception of the possibility of an impending attack, of course.

While I was gathering evidence for my case against Michael “Clay” Basham, I came across some interesting text conversations that collaborate my claims.  You’ve seen some of the more entertaining ones.  I’ve always been confident that Clay has told everyone that I am a liar.  Quintessential sociopathic behavior, really.  So, I’m thinking that everyone has heard an earful by now.  I’m actually counting on it.

Exactly 5 months ago, I quenched my suspicions that Michael “Clay” Basham never played professional basketball, as he claimed.  Once I saw his false front crumble away, I began to question everything and began investigating.  That’s when I discovered that he’s remained on dating sites since we met, and found that he didn’t actually play professional ball.  It’s one thing to lie to a chick for a one night stand, but he lied to me, my daughter and my friends, while promising forever.  So sadistic!

Although it may seem small, but the following is the text conversation where he told me he played professional basketball.  We were just a few days into the nightmare that was to ensue, but at that point, I was smitten.  So, a little white lie?  Like the one where he lied about working with juvenile youth, but was only a part time bug sprayer?  To me, owning yourself shows character.  Lying about yourself and your accomplishments proves a total lack of accountability.  If you can’t grow from your mistakes and become a better person, you fail.  That’s my humble opinion.


See you (the) next Tuesday in December!  And remember! Please pass this on to anyone you know that’s dating.  You can’t be too careful.



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