Liar Liar

Liar Liar


Sex with Clay, Part 6 of 6


  1. Michael “Clay” Basham tried to get me to suck off another guy while he watched.
  2. I laid out my expectations of a relationship to Michael “Clay” Basham in the beginning.
  3. Michael “Clay” Basham agreed with my expectations upfront, only to disregard them later.

Observations, Hindsights and Opinions:

You may be wondering why I have disclosed such personal and embarrassing facts about my sexual encounters with Michael “Clay” Basham.  I realize that my methods are vivid and perhaps disgusting at times, but it feels necessary.  Stating a fact like, “Michael “Clay” Basham tried to get me to suck off another guy while he watched,” doesn’t tell the whole story.  It’s only part of the truth.

So, what’s the whole story?  Well, it starts with the discussions that included my expectations and boundaries, only to have them discarded.  It continues with Michael “Clay” Basham’s greed, mental abuse and manipulation that carried me to those moments.  The abhorrent things he would do, and ask of me were merely the fruit of a sadistic sociopath working to get what he wanted.  Michael “Clay” Basham’s total disregard for me as a single mother and human being couldn’t be seen through the lens of a conclusion, only by experiencing the big picture.

These examples of the most intimate parts of our relationship, are the heart of why this website came to fruition.  I didn’t start this website because my feelings were hurt that Clay didn’t want to be with me.  I realize now he didn’t ever want to be with me.  I started this website, because despite the fact that Clay didn’t want to be with me, he proceeded to use my affections to manipulate me out of money, gifts, trips, food, a place to stay, and to use me as an interactive blow up doll.  His actions have taken away from my household and my family’s well being.  Clay lied about who he is, lied about what he did for a living, lied about his past, lied about his intentions towards my daughter and I, lied about his feeling for me, lied about where he was when he wasn’t with me, and lied about paying me back the thousands of dollars he borrowed from me.  Lies.  Lies.  Lies.

Now, I have had friends approach me and ask if this website is doing me more harm than it’s worth.  I tell everyone the same thing, “What’s right, isn’t always the most comfortable thing to do,”  Clay is a vindictive parasite that used me, siphoned everything he could from me, and fucked with my head to get it.  Michael “Clay” Basham is a narcissistic sociopathic liar that lacks the basic flicker of humanity or empathy.  The graphic nature of these occurrences displays the total disregard that he had for me, and his willingness to toy with my emotions in order to manipulate me into getting what he wanted.  Not to mention, he injected himself into our family so quickly!  Obviously, one of the more sadistic tools of his trade.

Clay uses parenthood.  Whether he’s using it to paint himself as the martyrous father, or by using the mother/child relationship to manipulate a woman into getting what he wants.  For him, parenthood is just a tool.  As we know, the main element of a narcissistic sociopath is their inability to evoke empathy.  People are just tools to achieve their desires, nothing more.  But, WOW, are they believable.  In hindsight, it’s more that I wanted to believe him, than that I actually believed him.


See you next Tuesday!

2 thought on “Liar Liar”

  1. James Lee

    Hi S. I am sorry that you experienced this from Clay Basham. I am a landlord that got drawn into his lies and now we are at a point of eviction. I wanted to help him and his situation but he did nothing but lie to me and bring people that are not wanted into my apartments. I want to first say that you are a great writer! You are strong and I commend you for taking the time to write down how you felt about some very personal situations with this guy. You have a huge heart! Thank you for sharing and I can now better understand Clay Basham and how I was also drawn in to help him. I sincerely hope that you and your daughter are better now that there has been some time. God bless you and I wish you the best! James Lee

    1. admin

      Thank you so much for commenting! It really helps others see the huge issue. It saddens me that most of the people that contact me are saying they were swindled too, rather than his damage being mitigated. I’m so sorry that your kindness was taken advantage of as well. Good luck with your pursuits of compensation. I sued him and his wife. I won, but I haven’t received a dime. They seem to be the masters of getting a lot for nothing.

      Thank you so much for all of your kind words. Yes, we are doing very well. It was a big learning experience that could have been much worse if I had allowed him to stick around. We learned a lot about warning signs, I’ll tell you that! lol

      Blessings back to you and yours.



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