If You Like it, You Better Put a Status on it!

If You Like it, You Better Put a Status on it!

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  1. Within a month, Michael “Clay” Basham told me he loved me and wanted to be with me forever.
    He said that he didn’t want to change our FaceBook status’ as “in a relationship” because of his ex wife’s prying friends.
  2. After we had been together exclusively for 4 months, I started to think it was shady that he didn’t want to be “in a relationship” with me, and I told him so.
  3. After telling him I thought it was shady, he blocked me on FaceBook. We were still dating.
    He told me that he didn’t know how to block someone on FaceBook and other people were texting him saying the same thing.

My Opinions and Banter:

Clay and I met on Tinder. He never deleted his profile on Tinder during our whole relationship, saying that he “didn’t know how”.  Michael “Clay” Basham, has mastered “playing dumb”.  The stupid look on his face when you call him out, makes you actually believe it.

You’d be hard pressed to see him read a book, or anything besides a FaceBook Meme, for that matter.  What he lacks in actual education, he makes up for in lies and fancy footwork.  He’s so good at making excuses, that they just roll off of his silver tongue.  He always seems to know what the perfect thing to say is.

So, on that fateful day that I started to question his intentions, is the day that he blocked me on Facebook.  We were still dating!!! In retrospect, since he never deleted his Tinder account, and I later found that he had opened another dating account, he was likely dating other women the whole time we were dating.  Of course, I cannot prove that. But, he did get dressed up to allegedly have drinks with friends while borrow my car.  Yes, having a shitty truck is the byproduct of not being able to keep a job for very long.

When I paid to take both of our children to Universal Studios, he was careful not to post any pictures that I or my daughter was in.  The most you will find on his FaceBook are pictures of his heyday, pictures of is children and narcissistic selfies with kissing lips.  I know, the kissing lips are a red flag.  What kind of “man” makes so many missy faces!?!?!?!

Michael “Clay” Basham is a typical “reposter”.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The ones that don’t have anything real to say, but will make statements through other people’s meme’s.  The most ironic being the music video about a penis not working anymore.

You’re probably wondering how long he strung me along after blocking me on FaceBook.  As embarrassing as it is to say, for a while.  While he was playing dumb, I was apparently being dumb.  My advice to any woman thinking that she is exclusive with Clay, is not to believe it, unless he AT LEAST is willing to publicly acknowledge you.  And make sure other people can see it too.


6 thought on “If You Like it, You Better Put a Status on it!”

  1. Concerned Outsider

    We sociize casually with Clay and his wife. They have always been kind and inclusive to all their neighbors. As a friend of theirs, seeing this site makes me feel bad for them. We all have transgressions in our past we are not proud of. I feel bad for his wife!

    1. admin

      I feel horrible for his wife as well. They met while we were still dating on a dating site I hear. Sociopaths usually have an escape plan with another mark in place before their lies crumble to the ground. I have spoken to several who have fallen victim to him. In the phases of narcissistic sociopaths, the idealization phase is euphoric. It makes sense that they were married so quickly. Human beings try to right their wrongs, those who lack empathy, transgress on purpose and let those left behind burn in flames. As I appreciate your comments, I’m afraid you have only seen the side of him he’s letting you see. As you wait to see the real him, please hide your valuables. Good luck!

      1. Concerned Outsider

        What we feel bad for, where our concern lies, is in the fact that they have moved forward. Yet there is still a highly emotional woman who wants to cause them pain. He is married! He is not dating. Therefore, the premise of your site is convoluted. Why warn the world about someone else’s husband? The minute they got married makes it appear to some that you are bitter. Leave them alone. You arent married to him. He should not even cross your keyboard. Your site implies he bashes his ex wife. Feeling some entitlement… They were divorced 7 or 8 years ago. 8 years? You present information as it is in the present tense! This site is nothing more then a burned female attempting to bash someone who didn’t like her back. My husband and I are in frequent contact with Clay and his wife, I am more and more concerned for their safety! They have BBQs, buy flowers for neighbors and are the first to volunteer with helping hands to anyone in need. You have an agenda. Not to warn or educate the public, but to inflict pain, scare, and discredit a married man! Makes me fearful that they should be taking precautions to stay safe from you, an online predator who is behaving like a 17 year old girl who was dumped. Who really is out to hurt who here?

        1. Sandra

          Thank you for your input. It’s good to get different points of view. I’m interested in seeing the before/aftermath.

        2. Last to Know

          Wait he’s married????? I am family and we have never even heard of his wife!! Concerned Outsider you have no idea who he is!

        3. nunya

          Clay’s family know what a lying, conniving, thieving narcissist he is. He was keeping his marriage secret from his family, FYI. Yet again not a shred of self respect or decency.


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