1. While I was dating Michael “Clay” Basham, he enjoyed a lot of ass-play.
  2. We went camping once, and I pleasured his anus with my index finger.  It was so tight, and it took him so long, the circulation to my finger was cut off.  I was in a lot of pain.
  3. Later, when Michael “Clay” Basham wanted ass play again, I suggested my vibrator in effort to save my finger.
  4. I ended up penetrating him with the full 7 inches of the vibrator for a long period of time.
  5. Later, as shown in the texts below, Michael “Clay” Basham, wanted to take his ass-play to the next level.

Opinions, Interviews and stats:

Since there has been some dispute as to the validity of these liaisons with Michael “Clay” Basham, I thought I would make this post extra special.  I am including the text communications between Clay and I, from when he was trying to get me to work his ass real hard.

As I told you previously, I’m a submissive.  So, I was completely turned off by his desire for female domination, but I wanted to please him.  I deplore the dominant role during sex, and am wildly turned off by it.  I like manly men who can take control.  I was deceived into thinking that I found that in Clay.  Even though I was clear about my needs from the beginning, like with most things, it didn’t matter to Clay, as long as he was getting what he wanted.

In my first string of texts were from when I went to Fascinations to look for a sheer body suit, that he had requested I get.  While I was there, I started looking at butt plugs.  I had worked his butthole with my finger, but his anal sphincter was so tight, I thought I was going to lose it like a doberman’s tail.  Enter, the butt plug:

©️2016 Click on Photo for Enhanced View
Click on Photo for Enhanced View

Towards the end of the string of texts, Clay’s lack of financial contribution in our relationship started to get to me.  Especially, when he told me to get both the but plug and the body suit.  His cheapness was irking me, so I stopped responding for a little while.  Hence the “??” and the “you ok” at the end.

Since it was my finger, or my vibrator, I suggested my vibrator.  He took that thing like a champ!  No complaints, just pure pleasure.  I was disgusted.  He remarked later (and referenced it in the 2nd string of texts) that he loved the look on my face while I worked his ass with the full 7 inches.  I wonder what my face looked like.  All I remember thinking is, “Take that, you punk ass bitch.”  I was so upset that he was ignoring my preferences, just to get what he wanted.


The second string, well, I’m still at a loss.  Gross.  So, I’ll sign off with that.

©2016 Click Photo for Enhanced View
Click Photo for Enhanced View

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