I Must be a Bitter Old Maid

I Must be a Bitter Old Maid

©2016 www.ClayBasham.com

    ©2016 www.ClayBasham.com


I was taken advantage of by Michael Clay Basham
I want to help this from happening to someone else.

My Opinions and Thoughts:

I must be just bitter and disgruntled if I’m building a site like this, right? I mean, who else would dedicate so much time to an ex? You probably think this is one of those “If I can’t have him, no one will” type scenarios. I can see that. Sure I’m upset about how I was taken advantage of, lied to and used, but I’m more angry at myself for not taking heed to the warnings and red flags. They were all there, but I ignored them.

Do I want him back? Hell no. Sometimes it takes an anchor being removed from your ankle before you realize you are drowning. Once removed, I am saved. I just wish I hadn’t allowed him to take so much from me and my family.

Me, I have NO desire to date. So, I really don’t care if people think I’m crazy. I just really hope that the next woman will do as I had and search the internet before allowing him into her home. But, this time, there will be some information for that woman to read. Maybe she will be ignoring the same warning signs I was and then choose avoid the train wreck that I allowed into my home.

Society loves to label a woman, who stands up for herself, a “bitch”, or “crazy”. So, if standing up for myself and extending a hand to the next unsuspecting mark earns me the label of “crazy”, or “bitch”, or both, so be it. Michael Clay Basham (AKA Clay Basham) took advantage of me, and my kindness. I don’t think I was the first, nor the last to fall victim of the lies and deceit that rival those of a sociopath. But, if I can save just one…

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