About Me

Hello!  My name is Sandra.  I originally purchased the websites www.ClayBasham.com and www.BashamCoaching.com with the intention of building a website for my ex to privately coach basketball to children.  Little did I know, he wouldn’t be contributing, but taking.  In my humble opinion, not as a man should.

After the life sucking breakup, I thought I should make some money off of these sites by posting a bunch of ads for erectile disfunction.  Instead, I decided to use this site as a public service to the single women/mothers of the Greater Phoenix area, that he is likely to have already latched onto.

Since dealing with what I would call lies, deceit, inadequacies, and sociopath-like behavior I am emotionally numb.  I feel it’s my duty to tell you all EVERYTHING.  It’s the humanitarian thing to do!

You see, when I first started dating Clay, I searched the internet for any information I could find, as any single mother should.  I didn’t find anything of note, not even about him playing professional basketball, as he claims.  Although, he did get really defensive one time about guys who surf the bench their whole professional careers, so that could be why.  But, I haven’t been able to find a shred of evidence that he has even done that.

So, I will share with you the warning signs I ignored and the inadequacies I endured.  With this, my hope it to save the hearts and finances of the women of Phoenix. Perhaps, I can also raise awareness about sociopathic behavior and how it can destroy the life around you if let it in your home.

Until next time, close your legs, your doors, and your wallets!  I have a lot share…